Moose Exclusive: See what Knuckles has in store for this hockey season

(Jackson, Wyo.) – Tonight is the very first Moose Hockey game of the 2015-2016 season. While the community comes together to support the team and watch some hockey, they also head to games to socialize, listen to the live music and, of course, watch the antics of the Moose mascot Knuckles.

We caught up with Knuckles himself to see what he has in store for this hockey season.

“Crazy Tom” was behind the mask for 20 years, and last year he passed on the mask and antlers to the current Knuckles. The man behind the mask didn’t want to reveal who he is off the ice, but he was happy to talk about what he has planned for the season.

h/t Knuckles the Moose. photo

h/t Knuckles the Moose. photo

“I have been Knuckles for one season and now I am coming up on my second,” said Knuckles. “I am insanley pumped for this season.”

Currently, he attends every home game to pump up the crowd and the players, but hopes to soon attend away games with the team as well. As for this season, he has big plans. In fact, he has been taking dance classes, gymnastics classes and practicing his ice skating to prepare.

“I am planning some big stuff, some big openers, funny stuff and ridiculous stuff. This year is going to be really big,” he said. “The better the mascot is, the more it hypes up the team and hypes up the crowd. The better I am, the better they are.”

Knuckles doesn’t just appear at Moose Hockey games, you may see him around town at other events as well. A few weeks, ago he visited the kids at Jackson Hole Elementary School, he attends art fairs, JacksonHoleLive! concerts and will be making some birthday party appearances this year.

The first Moose Hockey game is tonight starting at 7 p.m. versus Missoula and Knuckles cannot contain his excitement.

“I am literally counting down the minutes and seconds until the first game,” he said. “I feel kind of bad. The away team came a long way just to lose.”