Snake River Brewing releases Pakito’s Session IPA

(Jackson, Wyo.) – Yesterday, Snake River Brewing canned the first batch of Pakitos, the brewery’s new session IPA beer.

h/t Snake River Brewing, photo

h/t Snake River Brewing, photo

Pako is the unofficial mascot of Snake River Brewing and the name behind the brewery’s most popular beer, Pako’s IPA.

According to Snake River Brewing, Pakito’s Session IPA is just as big and bold as Pako’s IPA on the hop side, but a bit more forgiving on the alcohol. The golden copper ale is hopped with a blend of Mosaic, Centennial, Cascade and Amarillo. Pakito’s has an ABV of 4.9 percent and 55 IBUs, while Pako’s has an ABU of 6.8 percent and 60+ IBUs.

“Not to be thought of as a weak Pako’s, this is a completely different beer with different hops flavors,” said Krissy Zinski with Snake River Brewing. “It has a nice hoppy bitter bite but lower ABV so you can ‘session’ it- aka- drink way more of your beloved IPA.”

The new Pakitos IPA was canned yesterday and 6 packs are now available to purchase at the Pub. It should be on the shelves of stores by this Wednesday.